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What are the benefits when I recycle my ride?

Published: 4 April 2023

Why I Want to Recycle My Ride

Every journey between a car owner and his ride ends in either a scrapyard or a landfill. However, many individuals don’t seem to realize the benefits of the former compared to the latter, both for themselves and for the environment. Recycling your ride is not only easy and convenient, but it can also instantaneously provide you with some much-needed cash. Additionally, recycling old scrap cars is a tremendous source of parts and materials that are useful to both private consumers and car manufacturers alike. So if your car has reached the end of its life and you’re sitting at home wondering, “Should I recycle my ride,” read ahead to find out why the answer is an enthusiastic “YES!”


It’s Easy and Convenient

If your car has reached its last legs or has stopped running altogether, chances are it is sitting in your garage or driveway taking up much-needed space. By selling your car to a scrapyard like Scrapy, you can make some space in your garage for things like garden equipment, bicycles, seasonal decorations, or storage bins. Of course, getting rid of your old car leaves that just much space in your garage or driveway for a new one as well!
The best part of recycling your ride with Scrapy is the ease with which it is done. Simply visit our site with all the pertinent information regarding your vehicle (i.e. make, model, mileage, registration, the title of ownership, history of repairs/modifications/collisions, etc.), and plug it into our system. A quote will then be provided. Should you accept, our site will then prompt you to choose a towing date that suits the time and place of your convenience. Scrapy will then send out a towing crew that will pick up your car, free of charge, and pay you, in cash, on that date. It’s just that simple!


Recycle My Ride for Cash

On average, selling a scrap car to a junkyard can put anywhere between $300-$1000 in your pocket; maybe more if your car is still running, in excellent condition, or is a classic/vintage model. Having that extra cash could be extremely useful in helping plan a vacation, save for junior’s college fund,  buy an appliance for the house, get that new jacket you’ve been eyeing for a while, or fulfill any other monetary goals you’ve set for yourself! If “recycling my ride” helps you achieve those fiscal dreams faster, it makes perfect sense to sell now!


Help Out the Environment

Transportation accounts for 27% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States alone. Efforts to stem the impact of the automobile industry on the environment are numerous, and recycling your ride is one way you can do your part. Selling your scrap car to a junkyard car frees up space in landfills and provides essential parts to those who wish to buy used ones. After all, just because your engine died doesn’t mean your headlights or wheels are equally useless, and these parts can be refurbished and resold to those who need them. Additionally, your old car is a treasure trove of valuable materials such as metal, glass, and rubber. These materials can be broken down and remanufactured into everything from kitchen appliances to windows to grounding for football fields, so recycling your ride is a definite boon to the environment!
Why wait? Visit Scrapy today to get a quote and enjoy the perks of recycling your ride!