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Battery Health Tips For A Car

Published: 25 June 2024

Battery Health Tips For A Car

Of all the parts of a car that a driver would want to avoid breaking down, the battery would have to rank close to the top. A malfunctioning car battery can run a laundry list of symptoms ranging from dimming headlights to a backfiring engine, while a dead one simply means your car won’t run. Arguably one of the worst parts about discovering a dead or malfunctioning battery is knowing that if one just followed some simple preventative measures, the situation could have been avoided. To help you preserve your car battery, Scrapy has put together the following guide on Battery Health Tips for a Car.

The 4 Best Battery Health Tips For A Car

Follow these 4 battery health tips for a car battery to ensure your vehicle remains running properly and efficiently!

Tip # 1 – Turn Off Your Lights

Perhaps the easiest explanation for a dead or malfunctioning car battery is headlights that have been left on overnight. The easiest battery health tip for a car is to ensure all lights have been shut off the moment you leave your car.

Periodically, you should check to sure your battery isn’t being drained unduly from other sources, such as a faultily installed radio. Inspections of this kind can be done annually or when you suspect there may be an issue.

Tip # 2 – Cleaning & Upkeep

One of the cardinal mistakes many drivers make is leaving what happens under the hood of their cars to their mechanics. The general maintenance of a wide variety of automobile parts can extend their lives, particularly the battery.

To begin, ensure the battery is tightly fastened, especially if you are experiencing car issues that could be battery-related or routinely drive on bumpy roads. 

Secondly and perhaps most importantly, you should periodically clean the battery to prevent corrosion on the terminals. Corrosive build-up on your car battery can be cleaned with a mixture of water and baking soda and a toothbrush or cloth. Once cleaned, you can remove the mixture from your battery with cold water from a spray bottle. Be sure to dry it off with a clean cloth before closing the hood and driving off!

Tip # 3 – Drive Your Car

Contrary to what many would believe, not driving your car for extended periods of time is actually bad for your battery, not good. The next of our battery health tips for your car necessitates you starting the engine and either driving the car, or letting the engine run, for about 30 minutes per week. If you are sick, taking an extended vacation or are somehow incapacitated, you’ll need to either start the car or find someone who will do it for you!

Tip #4 – Shut Off Unnecessary Devices

Sometimes when you’re parked and on idle, you may be tempted to keep your sound system, heater, or air conditioner on, or charge your phone or other devices to keep yourself busy while you wait or eat. Unfortunately, running these devices drains your car battery faster, and should only be done when absolutely necessary. Shutting off all these devices when they are not needed is a great battery health tip for your car.

For more battery health tips for your car or to sell your car today, contact Scrapy.